Cassida helmets knows perhaps anyone who reached World of two wheels via Czech motorcycle brands Jawa and ČZ. Popular helmets used to protect health of several generations of motorcycle riders. As fans with passion to all around two wheels, we didn´t wanted to let this legend go away, so that we decided to give it back by own effort to offer its charm not only to Czech motorcycle enthusiasts.
Nowadays Cassida helmets are products of Czech designers and development who try to put all efforts to modern design, technical details, functionality but together with that to preserve original face of this helmet brand. Helmets are manufactured in cooperation with factories that have years of experience in this field. Products undergo careful testing to meet the needs and safety standards for nowadays users.


Shells for helmets are produced from injected polycarbonate or fiberglass, We try to use reflective parts for passive safety as much as possible. Interiors of helmets are produced from breathable materials.


We don´t design anything what we wouldn´t use on our own. We inspire from own experience and we are still trying to develop products to keep our heads in safety and comfort.


Comfort during ride will ensure you low noise level, aerodynamic spoiler, nose deflector, advanced visor mechanism system, sunvisor locking, pump adjustment of interior for some models and other gadgets.

Safety and visibility

Helmets are equiped by reflective parts or reflectors as much as possible for better visibility of rider.

Full Face

Apex Fusion

Apex Contrast

Apex Jawa

Apex Vision


Integral 3.0

Integral 2.0 Perimetric

Integral 2.0

Open Face

Jet Tech Corso

Jet Tech


Reflex Safety


Oxygen Jawa OHC

Oxygen Rondo

Oxygen 101 Riders

Oxygen Gear

Oxygen BadAss




Test ride

Why It was me who started to test those helmets? During several years of active racing in superbike class, I used but in most of the cases wrecked a large number of helmets which consisted of racing helmets produced by various brands, so that, I think I can be the right person to compare.
The first impression that catched my mind was simple and modern design. I was also surprised by lightweight of shell. Helmet firmly fits, don´t pressure on any point of my head, fits on cheek parts and there is still enough space for my ears.
It handles perfectly during urban riding. There is no significant increase of aerodynamic noise during my way out of city so I try to open throttle more and more. During ride on highway, I hide away more behind fairing and speedometer but nothing unpleasant happens. Very good view, noise level and airflow. Satisfaction with all aspects.
Vláďa “Mazzda” Mašek



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